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ZsaZsa journey to new home in Scottsdale

Kimberly's report 09152015
Noelani has spoken ...Day 8

After spending the weekend really looking at what the issues still are, it is clear that Noelani merely tolerates ZsaZsa when she is not in her space. Noelani will not engage ZsaZsa and both get jealous when either get attention from me. When Noelani has my attention she will growl at ZsaZsa. ZsaZsa will go to the door and bark as if she wants to go out.

There has been improvement in her general behavior, there are fewer and fewer running around crazy episodes. However ZsaZsa still doesn't have a sense of her adult body and when playing she will do puppy things like throw her entire body on your lap.

ZsaZsa wants to please so much and learns quickly, she needs a home without other females so that she can blossom.

Kimberly's report 09192015
Day 12

No longer concerned with getting Noelani to like ZsaZsa, I'm able to work with ZsaZsa alone. She enjoys long walks after dinner and is pulling less. At bedtime she will quickly settle down in her crate realizing that Noelani wants nothing to do with her.

Kimberly's report 09252015
Day 18

Making some progress in touching her paws. She doesn't always let me hold them and sometimes she thinks it's a game to touch her. Overall she is getting better at letting me touch, hold, and rub her paws.

Theresa's report 09292015
Day 22

Finished with the dog shows in Grand Junction, CO, we make the drive to pick up ZsaZsa in TX and we're on our way 0to her new home in Scottsdale, AZ.


"Always A Classic"
The goal of Casablanca Kuvasz is to pay tribute to this magnificent breed and honor the breeders
who struggled to keep this breed alive by offering you healthy and authentic type Kuvasz.

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