Casablanca Kuvasz

Gail S. Dash &  Neil Berger 
P.O. Box 280322 
Northridge, CA 91328 

phone (818)77BWDOG

Kennel is now located in Phelan, California
Kennel license San Bernardino County


Puppies 2000

CH Ghosthill's Casablanca Halvah, CGC delivered 11 healthy puppies (6 boys and 5 girls) between 10am 1/31/2000 and 3:30 am 2/1/2000. We applied different colors of nail polish on tails to identify who is who.







  I'm tired


We're 8 days old now!


15 days old, eyes open, walking and climbing on our brothers and sisters!


We're 29 days old,
tall enough to reach mom

And wrestle!


The sun came out just for us to have lunch on the patio. Hey! Who invited that Jack Russell to our party??

Back inside with Mom and a blanket. Now that's more like it !



We're big enough to be outside in the kennel, but our Mom still feeds us.

Ha Ha Ha! You didn't think we'd stay still for a photo did you??????

At 43 days old, we're playing in the nice grass all that rain brought.

We're 51 days old and Mary came to visit before we all go to our new homes.

It's just us now, we better learn to share!

Adieu Casablanca

Ahhhh! Life is good.

Shana follows dad's example

Ricky just goes to the source

At 22 days, Hali shows pups how to eat
mush from a dish. Big sister Hershey cleans pups under mom's watchful eye

We're 36 days old and it's still cold and rainy, but we'll brave the elements to eat outside for the first time

Playing rough is exhausting

Gail demonstrates how to torture little puppies!

Now that half my brothers and sisters are gone, Mom and Hershey have more time for ME!

Danielle gives good hugs!

Laszlo teaches the stick

Are we TOO adorable?

Rachel and Jonathan came just to play with us!

The goal of Casablanca Kuvasz is to pay tribute to this magnificent breed and honor the breeders who struggled to keep this breed alive by offering you healthy and authentic type Kuvaszok. 

We invite you to visit us at our home in Southern California



Kuvasz Fanciers of America


Kuvasz Art for Rescue

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