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Gail S. Dash &  Neil Berger 
P.O. Box 280322 
Northridge, CA 91328 

phone (818)77BWDOG

Kennel is now located in Phelan, California
Kennel license San Bernardino County



Puppies 2005


7 girls and 6 boys were born on August 27, 2005.

The dam is American/UCI-Int'l CH Csigora Bátor Lány of Casablanca, CGC "Laney".
The sire is full time working dog,
Casablanca's Moses of the Wild Rose "Mo".

Pedigree of Puppies 2005

Neil and I are very proud to offer this brand new combination to those determined to bring the best from the past into the future.

For the family interested in the authentic Hungarian type companion kuvasz, these puppies come from parents with certified health clearances and stable temperaments. In the weeks ahead you will see their fabulous wavy white coats, dark pigment, and trickster personalities jump off this page and into your heart.

For the farmer, these puppies come from parents with proven working ability. We were curious if the working instinct is extinguished when the dog is raised in a suburban home as a princess and show dog. Farmer David Gallagher took Laney under his wing to test his training methods and theories. David's reports detail how her working instinct quickly flourished.

For the breeder, these puppies are the result of our 19 years "in kuvasz". 19 years of studying the accomplishments of other breeders, of correct Hungarian type, of health, and especially 19 years of building lasting relationships with breeders throughout the world. This pedigree reads like a who's who of kennels dedicated to bringing correct Hungarian type kuvasz back from the brink of extinction. Breeders in Hungary, Germany, Finland, Canada, Sweden and the US put aside what was fad or self serving at the moment and embraced what was in the best interest of the breed. Additionally, Gary Eastman and Valerie Traylor (Ghosthill) and Christina Klosterberg (Csigora) supported the goals and philosophy of Casablanca and entrusted breeding stock to us.

Neil and I welcome inquiries from families, farmers, breeders, and especially from young breeders who share our vision.















Our birthday

8 days old

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15 days old. Cook and clean... clean and cook    

26 days old


Narva visits


Heather tries to hold ALL of us!!!!


32 days old and our first trip to the back of our ranch


Mom & Pup?    NO!!! Bro & Pup

Brother Renny tries to clean one muddy puppy


You can't clean us all hahahaha


First REAL Bath at 41 days old




Uncle Ricky is visiting and now that I'm clean I can ride him!!!!

Bye Ricky.  Come see us again soon!!

It's not mud, but it's pretty FUN!!!

Is this what they meant about SHOW DOG????
Facials for everyone!!
  47 days old. Can we possibly get any more adorable?          

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The goal of Casablanca Kuvasz is to pay tribute to this magnificent breed and honor the breeders who struggled to keep this breed alive by offering you healthy and authentic type Kuvaszok. 

We invite you to visit us at our home in Southern California




Kuvasz Fanciers of America


Kuvasz Art for Rescue



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