You get into a time machine set for the year 1476.
The destination is the court of Matthias Corvinus.
The King has recently wed Beatrice of Aragon
and gives you the task
of breeding a kuvasz litter for the new Queen
based on all the knowledge you have
gained thru the centuries.
Money is no object.
Ancestors in the pedigree can be living or dead.
There are no national boundries,
no kennel club politics, and all disagreements
among breeders have been put aside
to complete this fantasy task.
You are to create a litter of
outstanding temperament that will excel
in the home, on the farm, and in the show ring,
and will not suffer any of the genetic conditions
that have been passed down thru the ages.
What will your fantasy pedigree look like?
Email your fantasy pedigree and I will post it here.