Casablanca Kuvaszok

Gail S. Dash &  Neil Berger 
P.O. Box 280322 
Northridge, CA 91328 

phone (818)77BWDOG

Favorite Photos

Chanukah 1997


Ilsa, outstanding in her field 





Hali 0, Wasp 1 

Wasp catching must run in the family! Below is Hali's 10 month old son Ricky suffering the same fate as his mom did nearly 4 years earlier:

The innocents at play


The Urban Guardian

A nap in the shower


Emma, the Jack Russell Terrier helped socialize the puppies, pester the adults, keep our bed warm and make us all smile. She is missed every day.

Ilsa in her favorite chair

Holiday 1999, Casablanca still underconstruction

Holiday 2000, house AND puppy construction complete.


Sonia teaches us proper table manners

Sonia demonstrates proper Kuvasz puppy manners.



  Boomer, Carla, and Snowbear 


Holiday greetings 2003

Holiday greetings 2002

2004 Neil H. Berger

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