Laszlo's First Hydrotherapy Treatment at

See Spot Swim

October 3, 2003:

Ch. Ghosthill's Victor Laszlo, CGC is a neutered male Kuvasz past twelve years of age
(DOB 7-8-91). He is OFA GOOD and in general good health. Recently Neil and I have noticed he has more difficulty standing up in the morning, He seems to be weak on his right hind leg, and occasionally slips and falls when running across our hardwood floors. The supplement we give him for joint and general health is the human grade anti-oxidant "Dismuzyme". When he seems to be in pain we give him Ascriptin and take him to Limehouse Vet Clinic for acupuncture and chiropractic.

I thought swimming might help him keep his muscle tone and make him more comfortable, but we don't have a pool. Our attempts to lift Laszlo into our spa were met with his usual "touch me where it hurts again and I'll bite your hand off." You will notice that Laszlo's coat is rather short. He will no longer tolerate being groomed for any length of time, so I cut off all the areas likely to mat,

I searched the internet for swim therapy for dogs and found that See Spot Swim is the closest to us. 

Here are the photos and a short video from our first visit. Neil and I were surprised (amazed is more like it!) that he didn't resist the treatment and in fact loved the attention.


After we lure Laszlo into the "Aqua Paws", J.T. Pogreba starts the treadmill and we encourage Laszlo as the warm water fills the chamber.

First visit for Laszlo is 10 minutes at low speed in the "Aqua Paws".


To view video, you will need to use Apple's QuickTime Player which can be downloaded for free from
J.T. prepares to drain the chamber and Neil allows Laszlo to turn around
Wet and happy Shake, shake, shake
OK, I'm ready to get out.
J.T. & Gail dry Laszlo  
  Here's the big pool for other types of therapy as well as recreational swimming.

Vicki exits after a session with another dog.




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